60 – An interview with my late grandfather

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Episode 60

Saturday, January 5, 2018

In summary…

An interview with my late grandfather took place on January 11 of 2017.  The interview was so good that I wanted to put it on this podcast in memory of my grandfather.

My cousins, Adam and Michael Heidemann sat down with me here in the TJDP studio to talk about the interview. In this interview, Adam speaks to our grandfather, Don Doherty, about his life overall.

In the interview, Papa Don talks about his experience raising ten children, serving over 30 years in elected public service, 12 of which being apart of his mayoral service to the town of McHenry, Illinois.

The highlights…

Donald Doherty’s obituary, which you can view here, says it best in my opinion.

To quote exactly… 

“He always had a kind word and his generosity touched many. Donald always said it was a privilege to work. He felt he never worked a day in his life because he truly loved what he did. He loved being a resident of McHenry all of his life. Donald Doherty didn’t only live in McHenry, he LIVED McHenry. He was honored to serve as Mayor of McHenry for 12 years, a city he cherished. “

I encourage anyone to read the whole obituary because it is truly inspiring to anyone who wishes to be a public servant, a successful father, or even just motivation to work hard.

About the guests…

Adam Heidemann, the interviewer recently became a Chicago Police Officer as mentioned in the episode. My cousin Adam was formerly a body guard for a public servant. Adam also worked as an usher/security guard for The Chicago Cubs Baseball team.

Michael Heidemann, Adam’s brother is a radio producer at Chicago’s Very Own WGN Radio. Mike does a great job at producing The Patti Vasquez Show at 7PM on WGN every weekend. In fact, I did an interview with Mike on this very podcast a LONG time ago! Listen here.

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