Images on The Jay Doherty Podcast

Few of the images I use for this site have been taken by me. I always do my best to cite the last known publisher of the image used at the bottom of the page in which the image is used. I take no ownership or claim no creation of these images. Instead, I am simply using them to better depict what I talk about in the podcast episodes I create. In other words, these images are used for educational and production purposes only; not to make money or promote a product or service. Often times, I will combine multiple images in Photoshop to to give visual insight as to what the podcast episode discusses, but the sources of these images, or the publications where you can find them are always listed at the bottom of each post or in the description of the image. Similarly, I want to stress that I take no credit for creating or taking these images but rather combine them to better illustrate the points I attempt to make in my podcast, which strives to be educational and opinionated. Please understand that these images, just like thousands of others on the internet, are used and reused for educational purposes only. Please contact me with questions if you have any. Thank you!

Jay Doherty