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10 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About The U.S. Tax System

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to another video! My name is Jay Doherty and today we are going to be going over ten shocking things you didn’t know about The United States Tax System Now, before we get into listing all of the things you didn’t know about taxes; I want to first go over what exactly tax is; Tax is the money that every citizen in America pays in exchange for certain necessities such as the roads getting paved, allowing kids to go to public schools, and much more. In this new video, I will be going over some of the fundamentals of taxes while also giving you the things that you probably didn’t and need to know about these things we’re forced to pay called taxes. If you’re new here , don’t forget to consider clicking that button to subscribe! Alright, now into the video!

Number 1: No money. Something that is avoided a lot in school is economics and how you should manage your money when you get older which is something that I don’t really like. So, first I am going to explain the history of taxes and how they work in Alright, let’s start at the beginning and to do that, we ask ourselves, when did taxes actually start? Well, there is no actual answer of when the government started taxing their citizens but what we do know is that when taxes started off, the people were not taxed with money! For example, looking back at our Mesopotamian friends near the time of thirty five hundred BC, their government taxed them with livestock and goods. Looking a bit back on our timeline, in three thousand BC, just a little but before the Mesopotamian era, we have the ancient Egyptians, now, we don’t know exactly how they were taxed but back in some ancient tombs that were believed to be used back in 3000 BC, there is some graphic evidence of taxation. So, that’s just to give you an idea of how long taxation has been around for! Taxes are used to pay for things like public safety, national defense, education, libraries, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Sanitation, and Donald Trump. Those are just to name a few things that taxes pay for so I think that sums up what taxes are and the history behind them.

Number 2: The Tax Code: Behind all of the disgusting paperwork you have to do to pay your taxes, there is this thing called the tax code which is basically this long thing that sums up what you pay and how the government uses your money. This thing is really long, like super long, it contains over 4 million words which is a lot! And, don’t think that this tax code was perfect because it wasn’t. It wasn’t because the people who wrote it didn’t know what they were doing because the majority of the people who originally wrote the tax code were very smart but overtime changes need to be made which is why the Tax Code has been changed over 4500 times, that’s right, over 4,500 times since the year of 2004. The Tax code is constantly being changed. In fact, since 2001, it has been changed every day!  Fun Fact: The first 26 years of federal income tax was only changed by 104 pages! Now, a bit after that was World War 2. There were tons of changes constantly being made to the tax code during and after World War 2. It actually jumped from under one thousand pages to just over 8,200 pages. Now, lets skip ahead in history a bit looking at the last thirty years; These past 3 decades is where we have seen the most change to the tax code. Let’s go back to our timeline here, in 1984, the tax code was about twenty six thousand pages and now it is much more today; nearly three times it! Okay, to finish off this fact I want to bring in the big time line looking back to 1913. The Tax code was 400 pages. Then, in 1969, it was 504 pages. Then there was a huge jump where the tax code went from 504 pages to 16,500 pages. Then you see it nearly jumped 10,000 pages in 1984, then in 2004, we can see we have an accurate prediction of about 60,000 pages. And moving into 2014, we have it around 74,000 pages! Alright, we’re done with all of those numbers now! Onto Number 3 now!

Number 3: Redistribution. A common misconception that we all have is that taxes go straight to the government and only to the government and then the government spends it on things to make the government better. WOW! That’s a lot of governments! But, back to my point about the misunderstanding. A lot of times, taxes can be re-used to redistribute wealth to the folks who have a lot of money to the folks who don’t have a lot. There are a lot of ways this can happen, one of them being income tax. Let’s talk about income tax. So, what is income tax and the system behind it, you might ask? Well, income tax is when the higher income people are taxed more and the lower income people are taxed less. Food stamps and other government provided programs to help the poor are an example of what some of your tax dollars are spent on to insure that the poor are sheltered and have enough to eat. Another thing that factors into the income tax is this thing called luxury tax. Luxury tax is (to put it in simple terms) when there is extra tax slapped onto expensive things that don’t seem like essentials such as your own private jet, unnecessarily expensive clothes, big sail boats, jewelry, and much more. A lot of times the luxury tax can be pretty high up in the percentile. And when I mentioned luxury tax you might have noticed that sounded familiar. It’s actually featured in the game monopoly. You can see the luxury tax square now on your screen AKA the annoying square that no one wants to ever land on.

Number 4: Lots of Forms! Believe it or not, we’ve already mentioned 3 types of taxes in this video; Income tax, Luxury tax, and now we are going to be talking about this thing that you probably haven’t heard of called carbon tax! Carbon tax is kind of an unusual tax that we don’t see to much in the U.S. but it is a tax specifically based on greenhouse has emissions generated from burning fuels. The carbon tax is charged on a lot of different people and they tax these people based off of how much green gas emissions they use.

Number 5: Direct or Indirect? A lot of times we hear taxes categorized as direct or indirect but what does that actually mean? Let’s kick it off with direct taxes. Direct taxes are payed by a person or group/ Organization to the actual government body that imposed the taxes. What’s Indirect tax though? Indirect taxes are most commonly founded in stores. And everyone has to pay them no matter if they make 1 million dollars or 1 million; everyone has to pay indirect taxes regardless of how much money he or she makes.

Number 6: The Three Types. The government and actually now the world has three major taxation types and methods they follow. The three are regressive, the progressive, and proportional. Let’s talk about regressive first! Regressive taxes are taxes that are applied all across the board everywhere for the same price making the lower-income families pay the same as a multi-billionaire. This is sort of unfair but also fair in a way because everyone pays the same exact amount of money. Another side to the taxing system which, in my opinion, is a little bit fairer is the progressive tax system. The progressive tax system is when the rich are asked to pay more and the poor are asked to pay less. And, if your income grows and grows, you are asked to pay even more as you go through your promotions. The United States actually uses the progressive tax system in terms of income tax. So, the people who make more, pay more, and the people who make less, pay less. We’ve now talked about progressive and regressive. So, now let’s move on to proportional taxes. Proportional taxes are not based off of not your income. Instead, Proportional taxes simply stay the same A commonly used example of proportional tax is flat tax. A flat tax is a tax that has a constant marginal rate. A lot of the people in congress, mostly leaning republican talk about proportional tax systems because the U.S. Tax code is just so complicated with over 4 million words But, ultimately I personally speculate that the tax system in the USA will always remain progressive in its stance.

Number 7: Misunderstanding. Now, this is slightly hard to explain and comes out confusing. But, I am going to try my best to explain the misunderstanding many Americans have about the tax code and how it all works. This is kind of like a brain exercise because the U.S. doesn’t just use the ordinary progressive tax system. They use kinda their own thing. Anyway, Im gonna try to explain it… Here we go: So, a major part in taxation is, as i’m sure you know; the IRS. We know the IRS as just people who sit there and calculate your taxes and how much you owe, but the question is how are they calculating it? It uses these things called the marginal income tax brackets based on the amount of taxable income you earned in the past year. The marginal rates represent the highest possible income tax rate you could ever possibly pay. I mentioned brackets in that and right now there are seven tax brackets. No matter what tax bracket you are in, you don’t have to pay that rate for your entire income. Your taxes actually get divided up into different portions which have a relation with each tax rate. You pay the associate rate in each portion. More on associate rates in the ding dong AKA the description.

Number 8: Cartoons and Taxes? We all know that doing your taxes can be really boring and always comes out to be a long process and so the IRS wanted it to seem more fun so they asked Walt Disney if the company could make short films emphasizing how fun doing your taxes is and all of these short films starred my good friend Donald Duck who was the IRS mascot for a long time.

Number 9: NYC Differences. In New York City, there is a weird rule about consuming food and how it is taxed. Specifically, bagels. If the bagels are cut when bought, the Sales tax applies. If they are not cut, then the sales tax does not apply. This is a weird fact and most people speculate that this is because there is more work that goes into cutting a bagel as opposed to not. Number 10 is also a weird fact about new York

Number 10: Circus Clowns: The Big Apple forbids taxing people’s tickets to the circus! But, you actually do have to pay taxes if you want to experience some more entertainment which is slightly more frightening called, of course, a haunted house. This is weird, huh?

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How do American elections really work?

Hello Everybody! Welcome back to another video! My name is Jay
Doherty and today we are going to be going over the process of
electing leaders in the United States and how all of the
procedures that take place when electing someone go down. I’ll
start with the decision makers who are, ultimately, you the
people watching this video are, but every time there is a tiny
law passed in congress, which happens monthly, if not weekly,
you’re not making the decision unless you’re a member of
congress, and if so, hello!. Anyway, you, as a voter elect
people to go out there and make decisions for you based off of
what you think and how the candidate you may or may not be
voting for thinks. But, why does America use this system?
Truthfully, it is because America is just so big with somewhere
around 325,145,963 people and it is unfathomable to think that
every single person would be going out and voting most likely on
a small law or bill needing to be passed.
So, when I was researching this video, I found out that the
constitution doesn’t actually say a whole lot about elections,
except for when it comes to the president. However, what is
mentioned is the rules and requirements for running for The
Federal Government and how many members should be in the senate,
which is 100, and the House of Representatives, which is no more
than 435.
But, in terms of how the elections are taking place, most of the
power is up to the state that the candidate is running for. A
long time ago, Article 1 Section 4, of The Constitution said
(quote) The Times, Places, and manner of holding elections for
senators and representatives, shall be prescribed in each state
by legislature thereof; but the congress may at any time by law
make or alter such regulations except as to the places of
choosing senators” But, fast forward a couple years, you’ll find
that the seventeenth amendment was put in place to ensure there
would be only direct elections for senators meaning what the
people say, goes.
Although, this is very different when it comes to presidential
elections. See, when a president is elected, they are actually
voted through the electoral college, but more on that in a
second. Let’s talk about what you have to actually do to run for
president, or the requirements... You have to be above the age of
35, a U.S. natural born citizen, and live in the United States
for at least 14 years. And, while this is not a requirement, it
seems quite obvious that The President, and his or her running
mate should agree or be in the same political party and we can
find out more about that in the twelfth amendment which is
extremely long by the way.
And, when you think about it, many of the amendments emphasize
how much the government wants you to get out and vote. This
principle has been going on since the beginning of our country
and I don’t expect it to end any time soon. I mean, looking at
the 24th amendment, that ended poll taxes which made it
significantly easier for minorities to vote. And, the 26th
amendment changed the legal age of voting down three years from
21 to 18. And, the thinking behind this is very interesting.
And while we’re on the topic of Amendments and elections, I’ll
outline one more about the whole process. The second Amendment
states that there must be one and only one election day for
everyone to vote and that congress (quote) may determine the
time of choosing the electors, and the day which they shall give
their votes which day shall be the same throughout the United
States.” And, for those of you living under a rock, election day
is always on November 7th in The United States.
OKAY, now let’s actually get back on topic and talk about the
Electoral College. When you vote for a presidential candidate,
your vote isn’t just added to a bunch of numbers that sum up the
number of votes your particular candidate earned. That’s too
complicated. Instead, The United States uses the Electoral
college. And, the easiest way to explain this is when you go to
vote, you’re not just adding to the number of people voting
along side you. You are instead voting for people to vote for
you. Or, in other words, you will not vote for the presidential
candidates directly, in a popular vote. Instead, they will vote
to elect specific people, known as “electors” to the college.
Each state gets a certain number of electoral votes based on its
leader was and, at that time had no ability to vote for or


Fact: Many of the people who fought in the Vietnam War were in
between the ages of 18 and 21 yet they had no say in who their
against the presidents or generals sending them out to fight.
This issue was brought to The Government’s attention, and the
amendment was shortly after changed.
And, for those of you wondering, The Electoral College is a
group of people that elects the president and the vice president
of the United States. So, they are electoral in what they
actually are doing, electing. And the word “college” in this
case simply refers to an organized body of people engaged in a
common task.
But, who are these electors? The electors are appointed by the
political parties in each state. And, as I said earlier about
the set date in the constitution, The electors are asked to cast
their votes on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in
December. This past 2016 election, that was Dec. 19.But most
people don’t pay attention to that because, technically, it’s
the election of the electors that matters. And remember, on
Election Day, we’re not electing the president, we’re electing
the electors who elect the president. Also, a lot of electing
(supposed to be funny)
So, I’m sure that completely throws away your thinking about how
“majority always rules” in America. While your vote matters, at
the end of the day, the electors are deciding who becomes the
leader of the free world next.
But, let’s get back to this majorly rules principle. If we’re
not using majority rules as a country, then what are we using?
We’re using this thing called the “Plurality Rule”. Under this
rule, the candidate with the most votes wins. And, as common
knowledge of math implies, if there are more candidates running
against you, it is much harder to advance forward, let alone win
if there are many candidates running against you. So, if you
think of this as if it were real life, majority will not always
     Think of it like this: If there are four candidates running
a race, all named Bob, Joe, Dan, and Phil. Bob gets 20 percent,
Joe gets 25 percent, Dan gets 25 percent, and Phil gets 30
percent, naturally, with the plurality rule, Phil wins. But,
this isn’t majority rules because the remaining 70 percent did
not vote for Phil meaning that only 30 percent of the country
would actually want Phil as president. And, to put this in real
life numbers. Only 97,543,788 people would be satisfied with the
candidate that they elected leaving the other  227,602,174
people with the candidate they don’t like.
But, some states do it a bit differently. They do use majority
rules where if no candidate gets more than half of the votes,
then the two candidates left in that election go into Primary
Runoff elections. Where, you pretty much have to get a majority.
I mean, you’re only voting for two people. And, by the way these
“majority rules” elections only take place in ten states around
the country; Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, North
Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas and
Vermont. And, before we get off this topic, I wanted to add that
in Vermont, they only hold runoffs if there is a tie. And, South
Dakota only has runoffs for elections of Senators,
Representatives, and Governors.
There is also another method of deciding votes; winner takes all
which basically means that if one candidate got every single
elector’s vote, which is highly unlikely, they would
automatically win. And, every state follows this rule, except
for Nebraska and Maine.
And, this kind of seems complicated, right? But, truthfully,
there is not really an alternative. I mean, this system does
work very well; It guarantees the most efficiency throughout
elections, a defined and total winner of an election every time,
and most importantly, at least in America, it divides politics
into two parties.
And this idea of two parties is emphasized by Duvergers Law
which states that in simple majority electoral systems, where
the highest vote getter is the winner such as the first-past-
the-post method practiced around the world, tend to become two-
party systems. It basically divides the political parties into
different extremes. More information on that with the
informative links in the description.
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Why is Apple slowing down your old iPhones?

  JAY DOHERTY: Hello everyone and welcome back to another
video! My name is Jay Doherty and today we are going to be going
over the whole controversy with Apple apparently slowing down
old iPhones to make their old customers continue to purchase new
phones. So, this whole thing is kind of complicated but let’s
start from the beginning... As many iPhone users may have
suspected, Apple has now admitted very recently, Apple has
admitted that they are slowing down old iPhones. BUT, the reason
is somewhat unclear.
Now, most of us would jump to conclusions and say, APPLE IS A
that this has turned into a law suit, it is unclear as to what
the reason for doing this.
I’ll start with what everyone is eager to know; Is Apple
admitting deliberately slowing down older iPhones as new ones
are released? And, the answer is kind of half and half. I’ll
start with what Apple is saying as a company. Apple is
acknowledging that they are using a (quote) power management
technique that takes back the overall computer processing of the
phones. They say that this is being done all to keep the older
phones alive for longer periods of time. So, in summary, Apple’s
excuse, or way of answering questions about this issue is they
are slowing down old phones not to make their customers buy new
ones but rather to keep the phones alive longer.
And, if I were a user of one of the older phones, I would not
want a company controlling how fast my phone is so, naturally
my, and probably your. Question is, how can you solve this whole
battery problem? Experts and many tech fans are saying that the
best thing to do is bring your quote unquote old phone into a
third party repair shop where they can literally dissect your
phone, take out the Lithium Battery and then replace it with a
newer, most likely higher voltage battery. However, this comes
at a cost; around 70 bucks in most places but could be lower
depending on where you live.
OR, you could do what Apple would prefer; buy the new iPhone X
and hand them a solid grand. But, it does seem like a better
option to just get a repair of your old phone if you don’t care
about getting the latest tech gadget in your hands.
Alright, alight. That’s the big pre-context intro stuff. Let’s
talk numbers. So, there was this guy on Reddit, and he was
testing out his old iPhone 6 with the new software update that
slows down the phone. And, he found, that with his old battery
his CPU, or Central Processing Unit was performing at a rate of
600 megahertz. Then, he took it to one of those same shops I was
just telling you about to get it repaired and found that the CPU
performed at more than twice the amount than before at a rate of
1400 megahertz, both not running in Low Power Mode by the way.
So, I do understand where apple is coming from in this situation
where they are sacrificing the overall performance and
processing power of the phone for battery life. However, I do
also strongly resinate with the people fighting against them
doing this. And, I think there should be a compromise. I think
what Apple should have done when they released the software
update to slow down the phone is let their users know about it.
They should have had one of those annoying “Hello and welcome to
iPhone” setup where you could choose if you wanted better
performance and worse battery life or better battery life and
worse performance.
If this would have happened, I guarantee that the two class
action lawsuits that have just been filed on Apple wouldn’t have
even happened. These lawsuits were filed out of California and
Chicago. It all started with 5 customers who said the battery
practices Apple was following were (quote) “deceptive, immoral,
and unethical”.
And, people have been very vocal with their opinions about this
situation as you might imagine. Nicole Cozma who used to work
for cNet said (quote) “If Apple is going to slow down an old
phone so the battery can handle it, you should receive several
alerts about it. They're coercing people to buy something new,
even if they want to pretend that isn't their intention”.
So, she was definitely taking sides with the rest of consumers
who think that Apple is immoral, unethical, etc.
Okay, this is pretty bad as it is, right? I mean so many slow
downs for different iPhones and two lawsuits filed, and much
more. And, I wasn’t really even thinking about what phones would
be affected. I mean, I was reading through tons of articles
where the news companies would just refer to the phones as “old”
or “outdated” but then I stumbled upon a Chicago Sun Times
article which said “They claim that Apple’s iOS updates “were
engineered to purposefully slow down or ‘throttle down’ the
performance speeds” of the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.” The
iPhone 6 and 7 part really through me off guard. I mean, when
they said old phones, I thought they were talking about like,
the pre historic 4S, and below, not phones that came out a
little more than a year ago! This is crazy!
I don’t really know what to think of this situation at this
point. My feelings now is that I am neutral about it. But, I am
interested in what you guys have to say about this! Let me know
in the comments down below! I’d love to hear what you guys
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Why and how did The Great Depression happen?

     JAY DOHERTY: Hello everyone and welcome back to another
video! My name is Jay Doherty and today we are going to be going
over exactly why and how the “Great Depression” happened. And,
before we actually get into the video, I just want to make it
clear that there is no clear consensus about what caused the
great depression however there are many myths about how it
started. And, perhaps one of the largest ones I can put an end
to right now, is the stock market theory. The Great Depression
DID NOT happen because of the stock market going down in October
of 1929. And, this can be kind of confusing for some because the
Great Depression DID happen near the stock market crash which
led historians and even people at the time to believe that the
crash was the cause of the depression.
First, I’ll give some context about what actually happened
before the great depression, starting in around 1900. So, the
first thing we need to look at is how the United States Economy
was progressing before the Great Depression actually happened...
And, quite frankly it wasn’t progressing at all. In fact, some,
if not many would argue that it was decreasing in value largely
due to The U.S. Agriculture and Farming industry. So, the whole
idea that farm prices are bad for farmers because it means they
don’t make profit, if any money at all. And, it’s bad for the
United States because their economy was strongly rooted in
Agriculture near the time of The Great Depression. Experts even
say that Agriculture was around 40% of the U.S. Economy at that
time, and keep in mind, when I say agriculture, I am referring
to not only people farming but also the tools they use to do it.
                                        Anyway, let’s get back
to the big price drops for farmers.
There were really two reasons this happened. N umber 1: Farms
sold food! People need to eat to survive, and if the farmers
don’t have enough money to consistently produce quality food,
then they could go out of business. And, Number 2, as I
mentioned before, things like tractors, plows, mowers, and
threshers were a big selling point for not only farmers but also
for big manufacturing companies that wanted to reach out to
Fun Fact: By 1935, about 750,000 farms were forced to be closed
due to the economic state at the time.
farmers because, like I said, they made up around almost half of
the economy back then.
So, that is kind of the why it happened, but there are many more
reasons it happened besides agriculture and farming but I wanted
to make sure farming was in there because there was a lot of
money put into it.
Alright, so let’s now talk about what it was like to actually
live in the times of the great depression. And, as I mentioned
in the beginning, the stock market did not make “The
Depression”, The Depression, the loss of jobs and streak of mass
unemployment. In fact, at the time the depression ended, there
was still a 25 percent unemployment rate which means that
thirty-one million six hundred thousand people in the United
States were un employed at that time. Compare that to todays
rate and you’ll find that twelve million people in the United
States are unemployed today at a rate of 4.1 percent. And, by
the way, since 2010, we’ve been really slowing down the U.S.
unemployment rate. Take a look at this chart! The unemployment
rate in the United States was more than cut in half in the past
seven years! So, my point is, with all of this explaining is
that what made it “The Depression” was the rapid loss of jobs
and need of employment.
But, all of these statements just lead us into more WHY?
Questions like WHY did it happen at that time, and truthfully,
the stocks had to play a big role in the loss of jobs at the
time but one of the other big reasons was the banking system of
The United States at that time. See, banks, at that time, were
very small, and also keep in mind that there were no credit
cards, computers, and other tech stuff. That was completely
unheard of! Anyway, my point is that banks were small and there
were no big names like BANK OF AMERICA, US BANK, or any other
names. Every town had their own little banks.
So, what happened when there was a panic, you ask. Well, pretty
much anyone who had money in the bank would try to take it out
in fear of straight up loosing it. However, this panic didn’t
help the banks out because people trying to take money out of
the bank were constantly taking away money from the banks
reserve, or money on hand. And, if the bank didn’t have enough
money as an institution, it would be forced to close leading
people to loose even more money, including the bank owners. But,
these bank failures didn’t all just happen at once, they
gradually spread across most of The United  States through the
ten years the depression actually happened.
With the enormous amount of people literally stampeding in banks
to pull their money out, banks began to share the same feeling
of panic and wanted to call other states to ask for loans all in
an effort to prevent closing. And, through all of this, CREDIT
didn’t move at all which led to this thing called, you guessed
it deflation, the antonym of the word “inflation” which you
probably hear more often in terms of economy. And, while
inflation is pretty bad, deflation is even worst.
For those of you who may not know
This basically means that people can become way richer without
doing anything at the cost of the companies they spend money on.
And, this had tons of side effects; at the time of the
depression, everyone wanted to do two things. Number 1: Take
money out of the bank. Number 2: Buy as much as they could at a
low price. And, with deflation happening in their favor, both of
these things happened.
So, if all of these terrible things could happen to companies
with loss of money, jobs, and more. Why, or who would want to
put rules in place to make this happening? Andrew Jackson is the
person, the 7th president of The United States because he didn’t
think that Central Banking would work out, which it most likely
would have. And, he didn’t even think about the rules about The
Federal Reserve! But, that’s for another video.
So, that pretty much covers the United States part of the
depression however before I end the video, I do want to quickly
cover the world view of The Great Depression as it played a big
role in the crisis.
Germany, for example also had a big unemployment rate of around
20 percent, and at that time, 1933 to be exact, Hitler and his
Nazi Party was quickly emerging in power. Although, the same
unemployment problem was also emerging in France, The U.K., and
most of Europe as a whole. And, because these places had such
big impacts on the economy, there was a worldwide “Trade War”
, deflation is a decrease in
the general price level of goods and services. Deflation occurs
when the inflation rate goes into the negative percent rateThis
allows anyone, especially at the time of the depression  to buy
more goods and services than before with the same amount of


because many countries had stopped imports which did NOT help
the stock market. And, later on, these trade wars became such a
big problem that there was physical violence all around the
world. This worldwide violence was deemed World War II AND THAT
is why and how The Great Depression happened!
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Net Neutrality: Why have you been hearing about it? Why is it so important now?

   JAY DOHERTY: Hello everyone and welcome back to another
video! My name is Jay Doherty and today we are going to be going
over net neutrality and why it’s so important right now but also
why you’ve been hearing a lot about it in the news lately. I’ll
start by why it’s so important right now, and to understand this
we have to look at “The Fundamental Principles Of Net
Neutrality”. And, maybe the easiest thing to do is to look at
the definition itself which says, “the principle that Internet
service providers should enable access to all content and
applications regardless of the source, and without favoring
or blocking particular products or websites. So, in basic words,
it’s keeping the internet free. And, this whole idea of a “free
internet” is strongly rooted at your ISP, or Internet Service
Provider. And, if you have a valid ISP, you can literally go on
any site you want, like you’re probably watching YouTube right
now, but the same rule applies to Netflix, Instagram, Facebook,
every single site on the planet! Including,, my
new website.
Anyway, back to this ISP thing, now that the FCC, or Federal
Communications Commission has repealed the concept of Net
Neutrality, most internet users will be effected. But, How, you
ask? Well, experts warn that the internet itself will
dramatically slow down, internet service providers will have the
ability to block you from certain websites, more expensive video
streaming, which has been very apparent for Netflix users, if
you know what I’, talking about... and many many more. In fact,
Ajit Pai, the head of the FCC made a video stating practically
ten things that you can STILL do with the internet now that net
neutrality has been repealed. The link will be down below, it’s
pretty funny and the reason its funny is because he is trying to
focus on the positive when net neutrality is hindering the
everyday uses of the internet. It basically destroys the
capitalism of the internet. And, when I say capitalism, I am
focusing on the whole, “thrives on competition” idea. And, as
you might imagine, a lot of people, especially big companies are
strongly opposed to that idea.
For example, NBC, Comcast, BuzzFeed, Vox Media, HBO, CNN, The
CW, Cartoon Network, Yahoo, engadget, and the list goes on and
on. Also, I thought it would be interesting to state that the
75% of the people who are American Citizens are in full support
of keeping the net neutral, or how it was before.
So, if everyone thinks the way the internet was before was so
great, why the heck would anyone want to change it? Well, I’ll
start off with the “who” part of that question. The leading
person, who just so happens to be a former lawyer at Verizon and
now the head of the FCC is Ajit Pai. And, he is a pretty big
deal, he makes all of the decisions about how communications in
this country are going to work.
So, anyway, his, and most ultra conservatives argument is that
net neutrality should go away because it “slows down
innovation”. And, as I just said, people are very mad, I mean,
Ajit Pai, himself has gotten death threats and the FCC hearing
itself also got bomb threats, and everyone in the hearing,
including Pai had to evacuate. So, yeah, people are pretty mad
at the guy.
However, in essence, the same internet we know in love is still
out there however it is hidden behind money. And, this is really
what is getting people mad, th. e idea that if you have more
money, you get better internet and if you have less money, you
get a very slow, unreliable, and overall bad internet. It’s
terrible, and this idea is one of the many things that experts
are saying destroy the idea of the free internet and overall
democracy on the internet and that is net neutrality and why it
is so important right now!
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown

JAY DOHERTY: Hello Everybody! Welcome back to another video! My name is Jay Doherty and today we are going to be going over all of my theories and predictions, and doing a complete and total Trailer Breakdown for the new Star WarsTM movie, The Last Jedi.

So, let’s start with the trailer itself. We get to see some cool shots
of REY and then some throwbacks to The Force Awakens and then even
some action shots that we don’t get to see much of in Star Wars movie
In the beginning of the trailer, we see KYLO REN looking out of a
window that appears to be an Imperial Hangar, and there are tons of
vehicles here, both old and new... we can see some AT-AT’s over there,
some TIE Fighters in use and, it comes together to look like a really
cool picture. After this, we hear SNOKE say : “When I found you, I saw
raw, untamed power, and beyond that, something truly special.”
Alright, so now that we’ve heard that, let's go back and analyze the
footage that was taking place while that was being said...
Let’s take a look of this shot here, we can see that there are tons of
AT-AT’s and then we see a ship similar to the one Kylo Ren flew on, in
The Force Awakens. Speaking of KYLO REN, we then see a shot of him
leading STORMTROOPERS into what appears to be LUKE’S home. Contrasting
with a red, background, KYLO REN picks up his lightsaber
And then, what seems like out of nowhere, we see REY for the first
time in the trailer. This shot is really cool and it follows with what
we were left with in The Force Awakens. We know this because we get to
see some really cool overhead shots of the island where we were left
with. Immediately following, we hear RAY say: “Something inside me has
always been there. When I was awake, and I need help. And then, we see
this seriously awesome shot of REY. We’ve never seen that angle in a
Star Wars film before.
Next, we get a glimpse of how powerful REY is with the force and LUKE
SKYWALKER is a little bit concerned... that assumption is later
confirmed when he says: “I’ve seen this raw strength before... it didn’t
scare me enough then as it does now...” and just from Rey’s face, you
can tell that she is concerned or maybe even rejected...  perhaps from
Then, out of the quietness comes... (Shot of KYLO REN WITH DB BOOST) and
he says “Let the past die” Then, after, we see a resistance shuttle
being blown up and then KYLO REN’S TIE Silencer; this thing looks
really cool both inside and out and then we see it go into a shuttle.
Right after, we see a concerned look on General LEIA ORGANA’S face,
KYLO REN’S mother. My theory on this is that KYLO REN will end up
killing her... it’s kind of sad but the mission of Disney is killing off
all of the old characters so they can bring in the new characters.
I also predict KYLO REN will end up killing her because as he is
talking about her and there are continuous shots of her going back and
forth, and yet we get another shot of LEIA right after KYLO REN looks
at her. We can only assume that there is going to be some sort of
battle between the two.
Next, we see THE MILLENNIUM FALCON being pursued by three TIE
Fighters. And CHEWIE with his little PORG friend.... So now Furbies are
And then we see another example of the FIRST ORDER’S domination while
they blow up yet another RESISTANCE shuttle. And, then POE DAMERON
leading his fleet of X-Wings.
Then, we see CAPTAIN PHASMA who we can presume is going to be in the
movie a lot next because she is fighting against FINN. Speaking of
FINN, we then see him maybe being imprisoned by THE FIRST ORDER. Right
after, we csee this mind-blowing shot of a TIE  Fighter being blown
up... you can already tell the special effects in this movie are going
to be great.
We then see what everyone has been so eager to see, a real life image
of SNOKE. Look at SNOKE with his gold robe, and then there is a gold
robe in the background, who again, appears to be torturing REY.
The scene next was a prediction by some but a total surprise by
others. We see REY say: “I need someone to show me my place in all of
GOOD FILM. blah blah blah