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The Digital Products That Make My Content Possible

The Absolute Essentials

The Best for Podcast Hosting

Blubrry is by far the best for podcast hosting/exporting. With their amazing integration of WordPress and their top tier content delivery networks, Blubrry, the largest podcast directory in the world, is THE place to host, deliver, and distribute your podcast. Use Promo Code JAYDOHERTY for one month free.

The Best for Website Creation

Over 30% of the internet is made up of WordPress sites, and for a good reason too. They are amazing. They run almost every aspect of my digital existence; even my comments, podcast, digital marketing, website hosting, customer service, and so much more. Click the button below to join WordPress. No affiliate.

The Best for Email Marketing/Newsletter Distribution

Even before I had the official “launch” of my website, I started collecting email addresses as that (in my opinion) is a smart thing to do. When I started with WP, I was able to easily import all of my contacts and get going like nothing changed. Except something did change; my email open rate increased. No affiliate. 

The Best for Search Engine Optimization

Yoast SEO has helped me increase my traffic drastically. With custom keyword input options to personalized recommendations, improvements, and suggestions on how to solve problems, Yoast SEO is the way to go. I have a full online course about how to setup Yoast here if you’d like to enroll. No affiliate.

The Best for Tracking Digital Metrics

While you can’t just use Google Analytics alone, you can hook it up ti Yoast, and the two work together, but, as the next resource describes, the one that works directly in correlation with Google is called Google Analytics by OptinMonster, below. Use it. No better company at SEO than google. No affiliate. 

The Best for Tracking Digital Metrics

OptinMonster is pretty cool because as I said before, it hooks up directly with Google Analytics, and also does some pretty cool tracking alone. Details about implementation of this product directly mentioned in the SEO Course. Overall, this product is great. I use it exclusively for GA and it’s reliable. No affiliate.

The best for staying relevant

SE Ranking is an amazing program, and I’ve grown to know them and have seen their product develop. If you’d like to get a free fourteen day trial of this awesome product AND help The Jay Doherty Media Network, click here or the button below. 14 day free trial below.

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