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#1: The Jay Doherty Podcast

The Jay Doherty Podcast is a weekly podcast in which host Jay Doherty delivers subjective monologue on current events. Hosted in Chicago, The Jay Doherty Podcast breaks down international news in simple terms. Consider subscribing to support quality independent media and grounded political independence. New episodes every weekend. If you like what you hear after listening, consider subscribing to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, or any other place I host the podcast. New are released at least once a week. 

#2: The Doherty Files

The Doherty Files is my online news website where I write about breaking political news. From time to time, I also write about technology and media, but at the moment TDF mostly focuses on media and politics. By default, you will receive TDF political perspective and news updates every Monday at 5AM. 

#3: The JDRC Politics Podcast

The JDRC Politics Podcast is a podcast that I co-host with Ryan Clark. Over the summer (and sometimes the spring), we host discussions on international politics. The podcast is a subjective insight into headlines around the world. If you’d like to support quality independent media, you may consider subscribing and sharing. 

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