Ep. 142 – An Attack on Democracy – RINOS and DINOS | Terrorism at The Capitol & Congressional Division

Trump-supporting terrorists have attempted to overthrow the government in pursuit of unfounded claims that the election was “stolen” from them… and worse, as of January 6, Trump still has not conceded or claimed responsibility for their assembly. A look at what is happening, and how, thankfully, Republicans are at least verbally breaking from the man that ruined their party and calling out this coup for what it is, is next.

Also… Right now, The Democrats’ biggest problem is not the Republicans and the Republicans’ biggest problem is not the Democrats. The biggest problem for the Democrat establishment is the super-progressives in their own party, and the biggest problem for logical Republicans is Trump’s voter fraud nonsense. The division of the Republican Party, as with all parties leaving the executive branch, was inevitable, but it’s happening a lot sooner than I had predicted. A look at why that may be, including my thoughts about Mitch McConell’s divisive refusal to increase stimulus payments, President Trump’s childish phone call with Georgia’s Secretary of State , and Nancy Pelosi’s predictable re-election, is next.

We’ll try to answer all of that and more on episode 142 of The Jay Doherty Podcast.

Ep. 141 – Confusing Division | COVID-19 Stimulus & Omnibus Bill and Vaccine Distribution Differences

These past two weeks, Republicans, Democrats, Trump, Trump’s team, and many members of congress, all disagreed — or were just plain confused — over the direction of the COVID-19 stimulus and the coinciding Omnibus package. As Democrats pushed for more money in individual payments, the President, breaking with traditional conservative philosophy and going against the arguments of his own negotiators, agreed with the Democrats, but, before getting his way, signed the bill into law. The divisions, subdivisions, and subdivisions of the subdivisions, of which there are many, are broken down this episode.

Also, as the COVID-19 vaccine distribution appears to be going well, the political division of who gets it first is just as relevant. Some of the elites on Capitol Hill and in Washington, DC, many of whom would be last in line to receive it if they were not public officials, are getting it now. Is that a smart political move to increase the public’s confidence or an arrogant snatch from those who need it most?

We’ll try to answer all of that and more on episode 141 of The Jay Doherty Podcast.

Ep. 140 – A Massive Breach | U.S. Government Hacked, COVID-19 Vaccine, and Stimulus Relief

The United States of America has been attacked… virtually. It was recently revealed that, since March, at least 40 of America’s acronym agencies were compromised, among dozens of other businesses in America and around the world. As talks of who may be the perpetrator heat up, the issue is becoming more of a political one than a technological one… and for good reason, in my opinion.

Also, COVID-19 vaccine distribution begins! At last, it seems the development is no longer the main focus of the powers that be; rather it is the distribution. We take a look at the efficacy numbers, the predetermined plans for distribution, and when you may actually be able to get this vaccine.
Finally, an overview of the recent and much needed COVID-19 relief. As millions of Americans sink into poverty and middle class families lose their jobs and businesses, the need for relief is becoming more and more desperate. The latest $900 billion stimulus is expected to pass, and I’ll break it down… plus try to give some advice to the President-elect.

Ep. 139 – Distorted Reality | False Fraud Claims, Stock Market Hikes, and COVID-19

The transition has officially begun. The President has authorized the General Services Administration (a bureaucratic name if I have ever heard one) to begin the transition process and allow the helpful and oh-so-welcomed formalities of democracy’s power transfer to ensue. All of this happens notwithstanding the flailing legal clouds and blatantly untrue rhetoric President Trump has chosen to create, but, from where I stand, the future for a successful transition looks bright. Democrats consider the procedure’s initiation a moderate victory while some Republicans are just confused about what to do; they don’t mind losing Trump but they do mind losing his base. In between all of this, we explore the general importance of the Dow Jones gains as of recent, and we also examine what a Biden administration could look like from cabinet picks to policy choices.

Ep. 138 – Lacking Evidence | Breaking Down Trump Voter Fraud Claims & COVID-19 Updates

The President’s groundless voter fraud claims continue, striking, at least recently, a relatively new division within the Grand Old Party which his staffers and loyalists are scrambling to defend. We are going to start with some fascinating media news as we did last time, and then we will explore the interesting trend occurring in The White House these days: as the President’s voter fraud claims become more animated, so does the intensity with which his relevance fizzles. A fact check of Trump’s voter fraud claims and how he’s acting on them is next.

Ep. 137 – The Path Ahead | A Biden Victory: A Breakdown of Post Election Night Events

A moral victory for America: Joe Biden has secured the 270 electoral votes needed to become the 46th President of The United States of America. Analysis and updates of the election’s unfolding is next. President Trump’s dangerous and inaccurate response to the election results as they were coming in has even some Republicans — and (obviously) Democrats — condemning his actions. President-elect Biden claims he has already begun work on his administration and insists on the importance of a free, fair, and fully counted election. What can the current President do in a legal setting to try and prove his point, what precedent does contesting election results set in America, what will a Biden/Harris administration look and feel like, and what is going to happen next?

Ep. 136 – Election Day | A Recap of Election Night 2020

Election day is finally here! Americans go to the polls as Republican President Donald Trump and former Democrat Vice President Joe Biden compete for the Presidency of The United States. State by state, the numbers will be dissected in today’s recap and partial rebroadcast of The JD Media Network’s Live Election night coverage… here on episode 136 of The Jay Doherty Podcast.

Ep. 127 – Mitigation Time | COVID-19 Effects on American Life & Apple’s New Products

The Jay Doherty Podcast · Episode 127 · March 20, 2020 — TODAY ON THE JAY DOHERTY PODCAST: Coronavirus has changed American life. With tens of thousands of restaurants and bars closed for dining, millions of American residents being ordered to shelter in their home, and worrying projections from international health organizations, COVID-19 is growing…

13 – An Interview with Congressman Joe Kennedy III: Will he run for president?

On Tuesday, February 20th, I had the honor of interviewing Congressman Joe Kennedy III.  He is the son of the late Joe Kennedy, Jr. Over these 17 minutes, we discuss some very important topics including gun violence, his congressional role, his State of The Union Formal Response,  and his uncle, Chris Kennedy running for governor. Below…

12 – How To Build and Create an Online Course in an Effective Way

Tips for building an online course   You don’t need fancy software You need something to share and say How I did it Adobe Audition Final Cut to come Price for free in the beginning Adobe Audition Course (brief) Final Cut Pro coming soon The Technical Side WordPress (WooCommerce) (Free) Teachable (Free plan but not…