Launch a Podcast today!

I'm Jay and I want to help you start a podcast.

Here's some more about me:

I’ve been podcasting now for more than four years. My main show, which I currently am producing is called The Jay Doherty Podcast; it’s all about news, production, technology, and more. I also co-host another podcast called JDRC Politics with my good friend Ryan Clark. I wanted to launch this course because of the many questions I received about the technological side of podcasting. I talk about this in Episode 62 of The Jay Doherty Podcast

My podcasting efforts have helped provide a platform where I’ve been lucky enough to interview people like Congressman Joe Kennedy III, Bill Daley, and so many more. As an outcome of these interviews and other content I’ve produced, I’ve been featured in The Chicago Tribune, Politico, and The Podcast Daily.

A bit of background:

As of right now, this coaching service is being offered specifically as a one-on-one package. Although, in the future it is possible that it will expand onto a group setting. Details regarding pre-recorded courses, contact information, etc. are listed below.

Enough about me; here's what you'll get:

Video Courses

Once you enroll in this coaching program, you will immediately receive lifetime access to a plethora of video tutorials teaching you step-by-step methods on how to launch a podcast. See below for details.

Access To Me

When you sign up, you will be granted direct 24/7 access to me for the four week period surrounding the package's launch. For communication, I use "Slack". To learn more about how I plan to integrate it, see below.

High Quality Podcast

It is ESSENTIAL to have a good sounding podcast, which is why I make it my number one priority to advise you on the best equipment to purchase and how to set it up, all within your personal budget.

Follow-up Email Support

After you complete the training material, you have the option of receiving more tips and tricks directly from me in your inbox about the growth of your podcast, now that you have it all setup!

Resources I use:

For a full list of resources I use to make this site, and all of my other endeavors run, click here to visit my resources page. Although, if you would like to see the resources I use for this coaching service alone, keep scrolling…

Slack is the best for enterprise communication. I’ve used tons of communication platforms previously and Slack beats them all. When you initally sign up, my system will immediately send you (via email) a link to join my Slack channel so we can begin the process of launching your podcast!

If you want to go premium, Audition is the place to GO. Although, that comes at a price. Depending on what your budget allows, we can work together to find inexpensive or free solutions, like the ones listed on the right. Full tutorials for all of these are included in the coaching package.

GarageBand is great because it’s FREE and it comes with all Macs. It’s very functional for the free price you pay. I started with GarageBand and it worked so well. A complete GarageBand tutorial, along with all other programs listed is available within the package. 

Audacity is a phenomenal program. Before I switched to Adobe Audition, I used Audacity on  and it worked so well. I loved everything about it and still do. Audacity is great because it’s cross-platform meaning it works on both Windows and Mac. The software versions are nearly identical and the tutorials for both are provided in the coaching package. 

Amazon is a great resource for literally everything. And I mean that. Nearly all of the physical products I reccomend are directly purchasable through Amazon. So, plan to be clicking a lot of Amazon links!

WordPress is the best for website development, and I recommend it to pretty much anyone. In the tutorial, I give you a step-by-step tutorial of how to launch a blog/podcast within WordPress. I recommend it because it’s the most affordable, highest functioning internet platform I’ve ever used. 

Tons more in the service itself!

Still have questions? Email me at