An Interview with Patrick Kennedy – A Great Conversation

Recently, on Tuesday February 20th, I had the honor of interviewing Bill Daley and on a later date (Thursday, March 1) Patrick Kennedy  Below I have taken the time to list all of the questions in the show notes below, enjoy!

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Patrick Kennedy Questions

  1. How did you leverage your position in the United States Congress to move forward the passage of the landmark Mental Health Parity and Addiction Act?
  2. As some may know, you founded The Kennedy Forum but for those who don’t, can you tell us about The Kennedy Forum?
  3. Speaking of The Kennedy Forum, they recently tweeted two powerful tools to help families fight back against insurance denials: Parity Registry and Parity Trade. Could you tell our viewers about these?
  4. On The Kennedy Forum Website, you say our mission is to not just change the conversation but change the system. Is this hard? What progress do we still need to make?
  5. Recently, there was a deadly shooting in Florida. There are many officials pointing to mental illness being one of the sources of these tragedies. What is your response?
  6. You also express that you want to live in a future where all people are treated with dignity and also recognize that the brain is a part of the body. Please explain this whole idea.
  7. I have been told that 1 in 4 families are affected by some form of mental illness. In fact, my sister Rosalie, has Down Syndrome which is also an intellectual disability. In addition to supporting The Kennedy Forum Illinois, what can your cousin Chris do to best support the families affected by a mental illness or intellectual disability?
  8. Your cousin Chris Kennedy is running for Governor of Illinois.  What qualities does Chris possess which will make him an outstanding Governor?
  9. What should voters in Illinois know about Chris that they might not already know?
  10. Outside of your family members, who are your heroes, and why?