Legal FAQ

1. Can I use your podcast/website/content/emails on my own website?

No. Any reprint or republish of any content without legal or written permission by ME is subject to violation of our Terms of Service.

2. Can I use your Terms of Service, Disclaimers, Privacy Policy as a template for my own.

Ad I am not an attorney, I don’t know the exact answer to the question. However, the legal copy on my website was written for me by myself  to meet the needs of my business—even if your business looks similar to mine, your needs will be different. It is critical that you have yourself, or even a lawyer review and approve all legal statements and disclosures that you make. Each industry and each municipality (city, state, country) has their own rules—you need to find an attorney who can help you understand those rules before making any decisions like these.

These are the most frequently asked legal questions I receive. If there are any other questions, please contact me.


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