I am making more than $500 from affiliate/sponsorship commission generated by my podcast

First of all, congratulations! Earning podcast commission is one of the HARDEST things to do, and it’s great that you’ve shared this information with me because now I can “tag” you and send you the right emails that are tailored just for you.

As I said before, if I were to send all of my email subscribers the same exact email, I wouldn’t be serving you in the best way possible and the emails you get would be hit or miss since everyone is at different stages in their business.

You might be just starting out, or maybe you’ve have been in business for a while. Maybe you have a podcast, or maybe you don’t.

That’s why I’m going to learn about you as we go, but you’re going to have to help me out. Sometimes I may ask you to reply to an email, and you can choose to do that if you wish, but most importantly, I need you to click on links that matter to you in the emails I send.

Reach more people

Anyway, thanks for letting me know that information! I’m sure you know that generating e-newsletters and getting more subscribers is crucial to having a podcast, so if you’d like an affiliate link to my email course, click here.

Better shows are down the road…

If you have a GREAT message that you are happy to release to the world through your podcast but you are not the most technically minded person, I have a FREE Adobe Audition editing course, which I also have an affiliate link for here.