Genisys WP Patch Notes v2.6 – December 19

Genisys WP Patch Notes v2.6 

December 19, 2018

Successfully Updated at 4AM CST. 


  • Overall Speed of Upload and Retrieval times increased by 24 megabits per second

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the retrieval of PNG Specific files were distorted.
  • No other bugs to fix!


  • New Fully Operational Discord Server is up and running
    • Server now offers brand new tickets and information to users in a public setting
    • All users (basic, standard, or premium) have access to this publicly hosted forum
    • 24/7 Moderators moderate the chat to ensure no malware or dangerous information is spread
    • Genisys Users will now be granted special permissions upon signing up
      • Pre-existing Genisys users will need to click here to receive these special permissions
    • Premium users now receive an average support response time of less than 2 hours.

Bug Fixes

  • This is brand new, so no bugs to report!


  • Updates
    • v3.0 Major Update Release – Friday, December 28
    • v3.2 Update Release – Wednesday, January 2
    • v3.4 Update Release – Wednesday, January 9
    • v3.6 Update Release – Wednesday, January 16
    • v3.8 Update Release – Wednesday, January 23
    • v3.9 Update Release – Wednesday, January 30
    • v4.0 Update Release – Friday, February 8
  • Scheduled Downtime
    • v3.4 Update Release – Wednesday, January 9
    • v3.8 Update Release – Wednesday, January 23
    • v4.0 Update Release – Friday, February 8

Bug Fixes

  • Now immediate updates are released about server status in Discord
  • All Standard and Premium Users will be reverted back to redundant servers hosted either offsite or in separate cases


Bug Fixes

  • New email automation sequence is triggered after signing up for all Genisys Plans.
  • Profile Automation bot is now activated for both standard and premium users


  • Premium Users have separately allocated CPU processing on a per server basis in order to achieve faster performance
  • TwitterBot may be coming as an automated extension to Genisys Admins, both on Discord and on Main UI