Gear Old

This page is constantly being updated.

Over the course of 3+ years I have been collecting Gear and many other items that have helped me do not only YouTube but so much other video production and overall have a productive workflow.

I realize there is a lot of gear here that is not cheap at all. Please keep in mind that I have been collecting, and building this gear up for quite some time. I did NOT start like this.’

With that said, here is all of the gear!


Final Cut Pro X


I have been using Final Cut Pro X since January of 2017. Before that, I used iMovie. While that was good, some of the advanced capabilities I needed in terms of animation could only be found on Final Cut. I made that decision in January of last year and I am very happy I did.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Full Suite


Obviously, I don’t do any video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro however all of my audio is edited in Adobe Audition and all of the titling/character animation is done in Adobe Aftereffects. These are both great programs that I was lucky enough to be given for the holidays in December of 2017.

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Apple Pages


Apple Pages is the equal to Microsoft Word for Apple. While it is not perfect, it gets the job done for me in terms of writing my scripts. It allows me to make comments for ideas I may have for the future edits and easily export PDF Files to upload to not only this website but also to Google Drive as an archive for all of my scripts.

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I do not use the the paid version of grammarly but I do use the free version. I do all of the proofreading myself, and grammarly doesn’t really help me much with grammar. I think of the free version as more of an advanced spell check and that is the primary purpose.

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My Desk Setup

Apple Mac Mini

This thing is a workhorse. I do a lot of hardcore, computationally intensive work with video editing on my Mac Mini. The specs for the model include a  2.8 GHz Intel Core i5 processor using 16 gb of 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM, or memory. And, for graphics, I use the Intel Iris graphics card (1536 MB) Obviously, that is not the best graphics card on the planet, however, I am pushing it like crazy as it drives my 2 29-inch monitors.

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Mouse and Keyboard

I use the Logitech MX Master 2S as my mouse. It is amazing. I really like it. It has a great amount of expandability and functions for my video editing. And, on top of that, it is extremely comfortable which I really appreciate, especially as I am very frequently on my computer.

For my keyboard, I use the Apple Magic Keyboard which came with my computer. It is nothing special but I have grown to like the simplicity and thin design of the material. I also use a Magic Trackpad used mostly for scrolling and, anything where I need more of a direct connection with my computer.

Wacom Graphic Design Tablet

This tablet is mainly used for thumbnail creation and sometimes for random interaction with the computer. It connects via USB and can ocasionally be a bit finicky but overall it is a great product