Adobe Audition Testimonials

After about a week or so, I send out a quick email asking for feedback about this course, and sometimes people are nice enough to leave a testimonial, here are a couple of them written to me in an email. All of these emails are word for word.


The Adobe Audition for Podcaster’s Course has made a MAJOR difference in the quality of my Audio Podcast!  I am feeling much more confident about my work.  I hope others will benefit as much as I know I have.  Please keep the courses coming!!  Thanks for being so awesome and generous with your knowledge.

Sincerely, Zach from CA.”


“I am so happy I found this Adobe Audition course.  I am a college freshman and about ready to start my own podcast. No classes cover this stuff which kinda is unfortunate. So thanks for offering a free course.


“This course improved my download numbers largely, and a big part of that has to do with the big improvement in audio quality. Keep it up.


So many more testimonials are coming soon.