All questions answered: Why The U.S. is Pulling out of INF Nuclear Agreement

All Questions Answered: Why is The U.S. Pulling out of The INF Nuclear Agreement?

Friday, February 1, 2019 | Jay Doherty

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The US just pulled out of what some call the most important nuclear treaty deal ever. After more than thirty years, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to announce today that the US will stop participating in the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia. This assertion coming from two US officials.

This matters because?

This would be a huge development because the treaty has been at the front of all European security ever since the Cold War. The US and European allies have kept this alliance of protection for years.

Why is the U.S. pulling out of the agreement?

The Russians are violating the agreement on multiple fronts, and The United States doesn’t want to be involved in such a deal. Although it is very dangerous because if the US does indeed drop out of the treaty (as it is expected to do) the chances of a new Russia v. United States nuclear arms race go up highly.

Why is the U.S. pulling out of the agreement?

“We either burry our head in the sand or we take common sense action in response to the Russian’s blatant disregard of the agreement” says Mike Pompeo.

This, coming after Russia has continuously bragged about their new intermediate nuclear weapon; the 9M729 as photographed below.

The problem this weapon presents is the short/intermediate destructive capability the machine has. Rather, it is categorized as capable of firing between 500-5,000 kilometers, a strictly prohibited set of distances within the agreement. 

The United States government currently sends a strong message to Russia that they need to destroy it immediately or they will no longer be a part of the INF agreement. Although, they are reluctant to do so. 

The INF Intermediate 9M729 Nuclear Machine as Photographed in Russia








What is the Russia saying about this?

They are saying it is The United States’ fault and denying any accusations that they violate the agreement. In fact, Russian General Mikhail Mattveevtsky saying Russia has implemented and continues to meticulously implements the requirements of the treaty and does not allow for any violations to happen.”

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