About me

Hi! I’m Jay Doherty!

Some basic stuff

My name is Jay Doherty and I have a small YouTube channel dedicated to delivering high quality, informational, and valuable videos that hopefully serve you in some way. Over the past few years, I have created not only videos but also podcasts, blogs, and much more.

By mid 2015, I had become consumed with passion for not only creating content, but also building relationships with the individuals who watched my videos  I found myself spending hours each day connecting with my audience and finding ways to connect them with each other.

Most of this connectivity is through email and I have been lucky enough to meet so many people that not only check out my website frequently but also subscribe to my newsletter,  and podcast.

That is a lot of time! So, my point is that when you connect with your audience, you are building relationships with future subscribers, listeners, readers, , customers, and more!

How can I help you?

Well, hopefully, there are many ways I can help you but as you might see from my videos I put a lot of time into my video editing. And, in June of 2018, I am creating and hosting a Final Cut Pro X Tutorial where you get detailed videos with chapter navigation connecting directly to the tutorial.

Perhaps the best part of this tutorial is that for the first thirty days of purchase, you have the oppurtunity to email me any questions 24/7 where I can not only guide you to where I might answer that question but also create detailed explanations and other tutorials that can serve you, personally.

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