The Jay Doherty Podcast · Episode 142 · January 6, 2020



Trump-supporting terrorists have attempted to overthrow the government in pursuit of unfounded claims that the election was “stolen” from them… and worse, as of January 6, Trump still has not conceded or claimed responsibility for their assembly. A look at what is happening, and how, thankfully, Republicans are at least verbally breaking from the man that ruined their party and calling out this coup for what it is, is next. 


Also… Right now, The Democrats’ biggest problem is not the Republicans and the Republicans’ biggest problem is not the Democrats. The biggest problem for the Democrat establishment is the super-progressives in their own party, and the biggest problem for logical Republicans is Trump’s voter fraud nonsense. The division of the Republican Party, as with all parties leaving the executive branch, was inevitable, but it’s happening a lot sooner than I had predicted. A look at why that may be, including my thoughts about Mitch McConnell’s divisive refusal to increase stimulus payments, President Trump’s childish phone call with Georgia’s Secretary of State , and Nancy Pelosi’s predictable re-election, is next. 



We’ll try to answer all of that and more on episode 142 of The Jay Doherty Podcast. 



NOTE: Information may have changed by the time you listen to this podcast.


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