The Jay Doherty Podcast · Episode 140 · December 21, 2020



The United States of America has been attacked… virtually. It was recently revealed that, since March, at least 40 of America’s acronym agencies were compromised, among dozens of other businesses in America and around the world. As talks of who may be the perpetrator heat up, the issue is becoming more of a political one than a technological one… and for good reason, in my opinion. 

Also, COVID-19 vaccine distribution begins! At last, it seems the development is no longer the main focus of the powers that be; rather it is the distribution. We take a look at the efficacy numbers, the predetermined plans for distribution, and when you may actually be able to get this vaccine. 

Finally, an overview of the recent and much needed COVID-19 relief. As millions of Americans sink into poverty and middle class families lose their jobs and businesses, the need for relief is becoming more and more desperate. The latest $900 billion stimulus is expected to pass, and I’ll break it down… plus try to give some advice to the President-elect. 



NOTE: Information may have changed by the time you listen to this podcast.


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