The Jay Doherty Podcast · Episode 134 · October 22, 2020


The latest — and 7.1 rated — Presidential Debate…. Joe Biden claims he is the party and tries to hoist his fellow Democrats back to center left… and Donald Trump is excessively dependent on his preset rhetoric to carry him through the chaotic battle… meanwhile Chris Wallace attempts to facilitate the first of three debates whose guidelines are soon to change after both Wallace The Commision on Presidential Debates was criticized for letting it get out of hand. The strategy of Biden is pretty straightforward but Trump’s poll-lagging seems to leave him confused. Who really won the debate? And why is Biden not going out of his way to appeal to the super-progressives?


We’ll answer all of that and more on episode 134 of The Jay Doherty Podcast.

NOTE: Information may have changed by the time you read these show notes or listen to this podcast.


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FI: Politico and Getty Images – President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden participate in the first presidential debate. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

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