The Jay Doherty Podcast · Episode 132 · April 11, 2020


The Message, The Motives, and the Facts. These three things are all coming into question under the political surge the vastly growing COVID-19 pandemic has brought on. As doctors, financial analysts, cable-news reporters, and The President continue to be biased towards their own vocation, the sprawling Coronavirus just gets bigger. What are the facts, who are the new players, and what should you be paying attention to?


Also, as the days go on, New York is hit harder and harder. State Governor Andrew Cuomo is in the middle of a grueling situation but his willingness to blatantly put politics aside has allowed New York to work efficiently and effectively with the federal government despite the initial hiccups. How does this crisis disposition allow Governor Cuomo to lead during a time of staggering tragedy… and what is the Trump administration doing, both medically and financially, to support struggling states around the country?


We’ll answer all of that and more on episode 132 of The Jay Doherty Podcast.

NOTE: Information may have changed by the time you read these show notes or listen to this podcast.


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Music: Vlad Gluschenko — Alp

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Jay Doherty