Ep. 126 – A Viral Virus | Coronavirus Fears & Facts, March 10 Primary

The Jay Doherty Podcast · Episode 126 · March 14, 2020


NOTE: Information may have changed after the time of this recording.

Coronavirus fears are affecting everyone. With more than 125,000 confirmed cases and almost 5,000 deaths, citizens around the world are fearful of the close future. Major sporting associations and leagues are suspended, nations are quarantined, schools are cancelled, stock markets are plummeting, and the COVID-19 Virus has been deemed a worldwide pandemic. All of this information combined with some media dramatization could make one fearful. What are the statistical facts… and what can one do to ensure the spread of the virus is halted?

Super Tuesday V2 is over and Joe Biden has effectively solidified his role as the nominee of the Democratic Party in 2020. How did establishment politics, voting demographics, and an overall fear of radicalism play into the former Vice President’s abrupt rise in voting popularity?

We’ll answer all of that and more on episode 126 of The Jay Doherty Podcast.


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COVID-19 Coronavirus


This Coronavirus has surged in the fear of the public. My school was cancelled with an extension of spring break and the implementation of online learning, and as you may have seen on The Doherty Files, my online newspaper which I highly recommend reading that went over some of the broader marketable and daily concerns that people are having about this virus… My article, which is more of a conglomerate of trusted sources and relevant information says… 

Anyway, it is really a good/bad thing and it has sort of put the world on an abrupt pause. I live in Chicago; sort of the heart of downtown where there are crowds almost everywhere you turn when walking down the street and I’ve heard that in restaurants there are barely any people, many schools are cancelled, and there are a bunch of other regularly scheduled events which have been cancelled and that is really good/bad. I mean if a restaurant has to temporarily close because of Coronavirus and the employees go without a paycheck + have families to feed, it is a really tough thing to experience so I am very hopeful that we can cure this thing quickly and resume society because the practical implications of this virus are detrimental to the world  if they are to continue to grow as some medical experts predict. 

Right now there are… amount of cases in the world most of them stemming from China but a decent amount of them in Europe and in other places around the world, but relatively (and geospatially) speaking there is a notably low number in Russia which is just a tad suspicious.

Anyway, Coronavirus and its symptoms have been slightly mischaracterized by some folks in the media… either drummed up or put down, so I think it is always best to just consult the CDC or any certified medical professionals in this sort of case… the CDC has some great information that is constantly and reliably updated which you can find at  jay-doherty.com/cdccovid

General info: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/02/28/what-you-need-know-about-coronavirus/?arc404=true#deadly

So yes Coronavirus is spreading and many people are concerned that they may have contracted it but as there is so much fear around the virus and its potential effects that testing at a large scale is somewhat hard to find. The Washington Post… 

All of this reasonable panic has caused quite the international panic… we’ll start with 

The Markets

Germany; Angela Merkel


  • Began with a guy named Rudy Gobert who plays for the Utah Jazz… he has coronavirus and then he spread it to another member of his team after reportedly joking about it in the locker room before he knew he had it, and actually spreading it to at least one other person in that room… I bet he feels like an idiot now because they have suspended the entire season indefinitely as a result of this contraction and its spread

Tom Hanks


  • Was horrible
  • The purpose of his speech was to offer reassurances to the public that you don’t have to worry about coronavirus and that America will pull through but Trump is between a rock and a hard place because he doesn’t know (just like the rest of the public) if those things are actually true statements. 
  • The speech itself started off very roughly as the President was heard dropping the F-Bomb on C-SPAN who started and ended their stream of The President before and after he was ready and done speaking which is not really too great…. I can’t play the audio because our show is censored on some of our broadcast partners like iTunes and others but an article from business insider which you can read at jay-doherty.com/trumpfbomb
  • The meat of Trump’s speech surrounded the decision he and his experts made to ban all travel from Europe except from the UK…. and this decision is a smart one but the way he delivered it was really confusing, especially the way he worded his decisions on trade policy rooting from this new executive order. Here is part of Trump addressing the nation… TRUMP 1 
    • That last part about cargo was a flat out lie and whoever wrote this speech should be fired because that was a flat out, pre-written lie that was airing on national TV
    • If European exports stopped, the entire world economy would collapse and millions of people would be in lots of agony to put it lightly so that really did not help Wall Street mitigate their concerns about Coronavirus and honestly it did not help the country either.
  • And before, in that statement, Trump read the flat out sentence
  • “To keep new cases from entering our shores, we will be suspending all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days.”
    • The White House later acknowledged this statement was wrong. The restrictions were limited to the Schengen Area, not all of Europe. For instance, countries where Trump owns golf courses, such as Ireland, Scotland, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania, are not part of the Schengen (SHANGIN) Area.
    • In his attempt to make up for this colossal and consequential lie, he also took to Twitter saying: “ https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1237924658185469954
  • Also, Trump blamed the EU for not being proactive in their efforts to alleviate the spread of this virus… TRUMP 2 
    • Italy was one of the first nations to go on full scale lockdown, Germany has reacted severely and blatantly, and some of the surrounding nations of Europe have pretty strict and well informed medical and immigration professionals so I am not sure exactly what he is talking about there
  • Trump additionally failed to mention the certain restrictions to Americans, American families, and American veterans don’t apply 
  • And: another colossal mistake… he insinuated that Coronavirus treatment would be free but that is not true… what he should have said is that testing, in some circumstances, would be free… Here is Trump… TRUMP 3
    • Almost all of that is a flat out lie
  • Slew of other lies

More recently, Trump has met with the Prime Minister of Ireland a day after his address and the media asked him whether or not they’d shaken hands… and this was his response… TRUMP 4.

For all of the latest coronavirus news, it is always best to consult medical professionals, and get live/up to date information from places like the CDC and The WHO. You can go to our JD Media Network Coronavirus Resource Center at jay-doherty.com/coronavirus

Super Tuesday V2



There were basically three stages to Joe Biden securing a basically inevitable victory now looking back on his repeated successes, and he has now accomplished all of them. The first thing he needed to do was win a single primary by a large margin by restoring faith in his campaign, motivating potential donors, and showing other states around the country that it is actually OK to vote for an establishment politician in 2020. Joe Biden accomplished this by winning in South Carolina by quite the margin.

The second thing he needed to do was actually gain major traction nationally. The opportunity was taken by Biden and his campaign on Super Tuesday in which he won a majority of the states and a plurality of the delegates on that day. At this point, there was so much success for Biden that people were almost in disbelief because he was not doing so hot in the early days of Iowa and New Hampshire; they thought maybe his success would just blow over but then he came out strong once again in the most recent primary that included the 5 states we just talked about. 

And there were a lot of delegates at stake in these states. There were about 352. Super Tuesday had about 1,617 so this March 10 primary is a less super Tuesday as I like to call it. 

In terms of demographics, Joe Biden did particularly well with african-american voters and with suburbanites.

For african-american voters, Joe Biden maintained his lead in that column… The Conversation, a publication out of Australia had a really good article about not only how and why Joe Biden is leading with african-american voters, but also why Sanders is not

 “Particular for”


The polls from fivethirtyeight and others were pretty indicative of how the race would play out… although there were some interesting gaps in the projected numbers and the margin of victory that Joe Biden had, but almost all of the actual victors were correct in relation to the projected polls and election simulations. In short, Joe Biden won every single state in the March 10 Primary except for North Dakota, which Bernie Sanders won by 3%.

His effective victory speech was a bit more calm than his Super Tuesday Speech… we will compare his tones in the order of their respective occurrences… Here is Joe Biden giving the beginning of his stump speech after winning Super Tuesday…. BIDEN 2

And Here is Joe Biden tranquilly addressing his March 10 victory. BIDEN 1

Despite the many mishaps of Joe Biden, his age, and the way in which his family has conducted political business this year, the one thing that he has had strictly within the confines of his Presidential run is transparency. Joe Biden really didn’t sugarcoat much when he won or when he lost, and that is one thing that I think America is looking for right now, and it was what they were looking for in 2016 when they elected Donald Trump. In fact, I would say that there are many rhetorical similarities between Donald Trump and Joe Biden — not on policy, or philosophy, or track record — but just the way they speak… and that is what the non-establishment democrats are seeking to use as ammo for a Bernie Sanders argument. They are trying to use the underpinnings of a Biden-Trump similarity to reinforce their own beliefs about Biden and more moderate candidates.

Back to what I was saying about Biden transparency, here is what he said in that same speech on March 10 after winning the primary on that date… BIDEN 3

Biden also mildly patronized Sanders in that speech… BIDEN 4

This Biden v. Sanders battle is really interesting in my opinion because the establishment is effectively rising up to defeat the woke Bernie Sanders supporters basically for the purposes of maintaining the country’s existence. The reason people are voting for Joe Biden is really for two reasons in my mind. 

  1. He has been in The U.S. Senate for 30,000 years (exaggeration)
  2. He will just put things back to the way they were with Barack Obama; sort of a “No Radicalism Here” campaign

Other than Joe Biden effectively destroying Bernie Sanders in these recent primaries, it was a sort of challenging week for him… or at  least a controversial one. The guy sort of plays politics like it is the 1970s… when people had a bit more respect for elected leaders… assuming they are always right, and that sort of thing. We’ve seen this 20th century attitude with the way he conducts himself at debates where he sort of just screams at his fellow candidates instead of developing major points or coming out with one-liners as Pete Buttigieg and others once did. He has also attacked many people who questioned him, at one point calling a guy asking a question a “liar”… he also called that same supporter “fat”. 

So, in the continuing saga of Joe Biden’s unnecessary controversy, we come across this recent exchange that he had with a construction worker in Detroit, Michigan asking him about his gun policy. This clip has been taken out of context many times on the major networks, so for contextual accuracy, I am going to air the entire 1 minute and 40 second clip for you to hear…this is an exchange that 2020 Pres Candidate Joe Biden had with a Detroit Construction worker around the March 10 Primary season…  BIDEN 5

Isn’t that crazy? Now the guy who was asking the question was identified as Jerry Wayne and he went on Fox News to explain himself, and this guy actually seems really nice both in the video and in the Fox News interview, so in my opinion Joe Biden’s outburst was totally unnecessary… Here is construction worker Jerry Wayne on Fox News on March 11, the day after the second March primary… WAYNE 1

So that is a really good question and I think Biden’s reasoning is pretty akin to most Democrats and frankly my own which is that 1. The second amendment exists and should be followed and 2. No one needs semi-automatic rifles.

I am positive Trump will use this as a point in the general debates to say that this man does not respect the people of this nation on top of all of the alleged corruption with Hunter Biden and a slew of his other family members… those will all be things to look out for in the future

The funny thing is that the reason this whole debate is really an issue with Joe Biden to begin with is because of…. DRUM ROLL… Beto O’Rourke! 

Yes, the guy who ran and then dropped out for President a couple of months ago is in this whole mess with Biden and we will get into why that is in just one second but first….

So, yes Beto O’Rourke is back in this race and it is only because of what Joe Biden said but it actually began with Beto’s comments back during an ABC debate in September of last year that he got high praise and sharp criticism for… BETO 1

Then, on March 2, Beto came out and endorsed Biden  and — at the end of his endorsement speech — he said that Beto could effectively have some role in a Biden administration that has to do with guns and gun control… which needless to say has enraged some folks who lean right of center… here is Joe Biden. BIDEN 6.

So this debate around gun control in the Democratic Party is generally cohesive, at least internally within the party so it will likely not pose too much of a threat (if any) to the party in the Primary but in the General election, I see Trump definitely using this card in the general election.

Moving forward, though we need to look at this upcoming Primary, which is scheduled to occur on March 17. It includes Arizona, Florida, Ohio, and my home state of Illinois. And, based off of the scale of these states, particularly Illinois and Florida, there are a lot of delegates at stake. The polls say… 

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