Ep. 118 – Misrepresented | Iranian Reaction to Soleimani Death, CES 2020

The Jay Doherty Podcast · Episode 118 · January 9, 2020

Today on The Jay Doherty Podcast:

Major developments in the US/Iran conflict after the killing of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani. We’ll see whether the recently ended retaliation skirmish between both nations remains resolved in its current state, or if it returns to chaos. Is the media exaggerating, are the Republicans telling the truth, and who is representing the genuine interests of normal citizens in the region? 

Also, The Consumer Electronics Show has just ended in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ll take a look at the most interesting technology soon to be released and how it impacts the economy. Are there any products of legitimate, practical, and consumable public interest at the event this year?

We’ll answer all of that and more on episode 118 of The Jay Doherty Podcast.

Jay Doherty


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