Ep. 109 – It is getting real! | Impeachment, 2020, CNN

The Jay Doherty Podcast | Episode 109 | September 30, 2019

Today on The Jay Doherty Podcast, We talk about United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has filed a formal impeachment inquiry against sitting U.S. President Donald Trump. Is that a political stunt or is there legitimate cause for Trump’s removal? 

Also, we’ll go to 2020 land and see how each of the respective candidates are polling, and how they’re responses to whistleblower complaints are affecting their popularity. Is impeachment good for the 2020 candidates, or will simply voting Trump out be a simpler solution?

Finally, we’ll take a look at This Week in Media. On today’s segment, CNN’s Jake Tapper had Representative Jim Jordan, a Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee on his show where they got into a fiery exchange with one another about the impeachment inquiry. Who won that debate? 

We’ll answer that and more on episode 109 of The Jay Doherty Podcast.

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