91 – Pelosi, Ocasio, Bob, Robb, and Apple.

The Jay Doherty Podcast

Episode 91

Thursday, July 18, 2019


Today on The Jay Doherty podcast, there is a continued discussion over Trump’s racist tweets, and how other members of Congress, including some republicans condemned the messages. Also, that alligator in Humboldt Park has finally been captured. After about a week since it was first spotted, Florida man Frank Robb kicked Alligator Bob out and caught it… he even went to a Cubs game… Finally, the iPhone 11 models are out… and they look interesting to say the least… my analysis and what you might want to buy instead on this episode.


Trump’s Tweets

Mike Quigley’s Opinion on Trump’s Tweets

Republicans condemning Trump

Will Hurd

Susan Brooks

Fred Upton

Brian Fitzpatrick

Humboldt Park Alligator

WAPO Article



National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture

Pet Rules Nationwide

iPhone 11 Model

9to5 Mac



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