55 – New Gears Eve

The Jay Doherty Podcast

Episode 55

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy 2019! I hope everyone is good. In the beginning of this episode I talked about the very out of the ordinary series of tweets that came out of The U.S. Strategic Command’s Twitter account earlier today…

The original tweet: 

They then apologized in a tweet:

Senator Elizabeth Warren has announced her exploratory committee for running for president today… Listen to my thoughts in the late beginning of this episode. Sorry for my mispronunciation of exploratory.

There is new gear in the studio this year… And I am very excited about it. I mentioned a lot of gear in this episode, and the links I promised are listed below.

Dell 27 Inch Monitor

Behringer x32 

Seneo Wireless Fast Charger

Acoustic Foam

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