52 – Genisys is coming in ONE week!

The Jay Doherty Podcast

Episode 52

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Genisys is coming soon! In fact, I am leading the final stage of the public one month beta. I talked about everything in detail on this podcast episode, but be sure to take a look at what the current plans offer below!

Basic Plan

  • Scheduled Updates
  • Online Discord Forums for Support
  • More to come

Standard Plan

    • Monitored Updates
    • Business Hours Support
    • 24/7 Monitored Updates
    • Access to Discord Support Forums
    • 40 GB of allotted space (configurable)
    • Personal Virtual Private Server
    • 24/7 Status Indication
    • Monthly Website Backups
    • Multi-media hosting platforms
    • Daily media backups
    • 128 bit SSL media encryption
    • More to come!

    This plan is good for…

    • This plan is good for bloggers, super small business owners, part-time income
    • This plan is good for 500 to 7,500 clicks per month
    • This plan is good for the average WordPress User
    • This plan is good for the person who is kind of tech savvy, but doesn’t want to worry about loading times
    • This plan is good for people who want to expand on their current site and attract more people


    Premium Plan

    • Features list publicly available
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