18 – Special coverage of the Apple Education Event

In yet another Apple event, they announce one main product, and a couple of others in this event. I discuss Apple’s Education event in Chicago which featured a new $329 iPad ($299 for schools), a $49 “Crayon” from Logitech, and AR frog dissections.

Apple took its annual spring event out of California and hosted it at a high school in Chicago this year, promising to focus its newest products toward the education market that’s been dominated by Google and Microsoft. The keynote was condensed into just one hour, most of which revolved around all the things you can do with a newly announced iPad. Here’s a look at all the biggest news today. Learn more here. 

The main focus  of yesterday’s announcement was the new “affordable” iPad with stylus support. It costs $299 for schools, but $329 for everyone else — the same price as iPad’s 9.7-inch tablet announced last spring. The biggest update with this iPad is that it’ll finally work with the $99 Apple Pencil ($89 for students / teachers), which was previously only supported by the iPad Pro. The new education-specific iPad will include Touch ID, an HD FaceTime camera, an 8-megapixel rear camera, and run on Apple’s A10 Fusion chip. It claims 10 hours of battery life and will be available in an LTE version as well.

View the full keynote here

Learn more about the iPad here

See Apple’s Homework commercial here

See Apple’s Pencil commercial here

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