12 – How To Build and Create an Online Course in an Effective Way

Tips for building an online course


  • You don’t need fancy software
  • You need something to share and say
  • How I did it
    • Adobe Audition
    • Final Cut to come
  • Price for free in the beginning
    • Adobe Audition Course (brief)
    • Final Cut Pro coming soon
  • The Technical Side
    • WordPress (WooCommerce) (Free)
    • Teachable (Free plan but not good, the good plan starts at $39.99

The Preface 

The average instructor brings in $7000 from Udemy courses, though there is a wide range of outcomes. I’ve met one instructor whose class earns him only $60 per month, but elite instructors – generally those with very large followings on social media who can mobilize their own audience to buy – can generate six figures annually from their courses.

How long does it take to create a course?

Creating an online course can be a substantial time investment. “Of course, if you’ve already written a book and are doing a course about it, it takes a fraction of that time. If somebody is coming in with their own content, such as blogs and workshops they’ve already created, they can probably sit down in one weekend and create a 2-3 hour course.” But if you’re still nailing down your material, budget your time accordingly.

What are the technical skills required?

Balfour did all the filming and editing for her courses by herself. But it wasn’t easy. “The most difficult aspect is the video editing,” she says. “Like most people, I didn’t initially understand how to shoot video the right size, how to export it, upload it, and fix the noise.” She used the screen recording and video editing software Camtasia, which she describes as “pretty user-friendly, but it did take time.” All of her videos are screencasts – videos of her computer screen – but if you’re planning to do a “talking head” style video, you may want to hire a professional crew. “Those are more complex,” she says, “so I’d suggest you go into a studio and get good lighting and audio.”


Adobe Audition Course

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This Course is now available!

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Sales Page Example

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jay Doherty. I have launched several podcasts over the years and post production is one of the most important things in the world of podcasting.

I have been podcasting for, what is now three years with several shows and one of the many things I’ve learned is that software is hard! Especially, a complicated product like Adobe Audition.

Even though I’ve been podcasting for three years, I have been using audition and other free programs like GarageBand, and Audacity for even longer

As a result of all this experience, there is one fundamental thing that I know for sure.

It can be really tough learning a new, complicated, jam-packed peice of software

However, once you learn the ins and outs of Audition, it is incredibly simple, especailly for podcasters.

What will I cover?

First of all, I want to say that Adobe Audition is and probably always will be my favorite piece of podcasting software that I use on my computer. This tutorial was created with those who have beginner to intermediate levels of audio editing. However, this tutorial will also be helpful to those who are simply transitioning from another audio editing software (Garageband, Audacity, etc.) solution to Audition.

This is the program I use to do all my audio editing. There are a few features that this software has that is found in no other alternative software. Also, there is a certain “process” that you can run on your audio files that turns your recordings into something that sounds like they come from the best of radio broadcasting stations. In this video training product, I walk you through EVERYTHING you would need to know as a podcaster and even share my personal  settings of the “Multi-Band Compressor” built in to Adobe Audition, and walk you through proper leveling, hard limiting, equalization, compression, and more. This sounds a bit complicated, but remember these are all just fancy words covering up simple things.

This course will take what appears to be a very intimidating software and make it as easy to use as a toy!

The best part is that it’s free!

When you make an investment, you expect to get a return. I can guarantee that after you purchase this tutorial and follow my exact step-by-step method for enhancing the quality, it will sound more professional no matter what hardware you own

Plus you will get.

  • Access to ask me anything for the first thirty days of owning this tutorial
  • Some additional quick tips on publication of your podcast
  • Step by step tutorial on configuration for audio input devices
  • How to effectively export audio in certain formats without losing any audio quality

If you have any questions about this course, please feel free to contact me!


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