10 – An interview with Sheila Kennedy: Founder of TopBox Foods

Detailed show notes available here!

Lately, there have been some incredible opportunities that have been thrown at me. It has been crazy! And, just last week, I did an interview with Sheila Berner Kennedy, wife of Illinois gubernatorial candidate, Chris Kennedy. We discussed everything from her own company that she co-founded with her husband and what it is like to be a spouse of someone who is constantly campaigning and hoping to be a future political figure. The version of the interview I shared with you, here in the podcast is the audio version however if you would like to see the video version, click here.

This was the first ever interview with Chris Kennedy‘s wife while on the campaign trail and because of that, there was some media attention! The Chicago Tribune, one of Chicago’s largest (if not the largest) newspaper did an article about me and my interview with Sheila Kennedy. The article can be found here. Kim Janssen, the writer of this article overviewed references Sheila made throughout the interview and more information about me. So, I urge you to check it out!

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