9 – The iPhone X is doing okay

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The iPhone X- My Experience


  • Had it for exactly one month as of today
  • Short version: I like it and it’s my iPhone favorite ever!

Precontext: Every iPhone before this has had the exact same design. This one is very different

  • More screen space
  • The diagonal measurement of the screen is .2 inches bigger than the iPhone 8 plus.
  • With that, come a lot of new features
  • Huge fundamental changes that you need to learn

The look

  • Small Bezels
  • Notch
  • I wish there was a bigger option
    • Rumors
  • SOO Shiny
  • Glossy (Especially the white one)
  • Glass, naturally very reflective

Great things about it

  • Water resistant
  • Wireless Charging
  • Good speakers
  • No headphone jack (clear throat)


  • The most breakable iPhone ever!
  • Glass on both sides
  • Small phone
  • Very slippery
  • Tim Cook was sitting down talking and the phone fell out of his pocket
  • The Camera bump
    • Once you have the phone for a while, you don’t really notice
    • You have to put the stuff somewhere
    • They could have put a fingerprint reader on the back but too samsung
    • They could have put a fingerprint reader under the glass which they were rumored to be doing
    • They could have invented something entirely new that would have blown our minds away
  • The notch is good
    • All apps are optimized for the X that are made by Apple however some apps need to redesign their dimensions for the X to optimize for better viewing
    • However, pretty much every mainstream app has already done this so no big deal if you just use those
    • More on that later
  • The Display
    • Super Retina (Marketing tactic)
    • First OLED ever (thank god)
      • Oled is a light-emitting diode containing thin flexible sheets of an organic electroluminescent material, used for visual displays. Basically, they deliver great resolution and deep colors while also saving power.
    • P3 Color Gamit
    • HDR
    • TrueTone (Adapts to color around you and optimizes display accordingly)
    • With this display, they had to sacrifice the home button
  • Now, it’s all gestures
  • Swipe up from bar to go home
  • Swipe up and to the right to view multi window menu
  • Swipe down from the right corner for control center
  • Swipe down from the notch to get to notification center
  • Swipe down from the middle to get to search
  • A lot of new stuff but easy to get used to

Now back to the notch

  • Got rid of Home button, how to unlock?
  • Face ID
    • Works well most of the time
    • Can’t be fooled except for twins
    • Pretty fast
    • More secure
    • According to Apple, 1 in 50,000 people with Touch ID, 1 in 1,000,000
    • Still recognizes you if you grow a beard, put makeup on change your hair, etc
    • Works well in dark. Tested in pitch black
    • With this, comes Animoji
  • New lighting features with camera
    • Portrait on front and back
    • Still 10x zoom
  • Tech specs
    • Very powerful
    • A11 Bionic Chip
    • 3 GB of Ram
    • Crazy
    • Geekbenching close to MacBoox Pro speeds when pushed
    • Neural Engine for security
    • Helps with Augmented Reality

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